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The Time Lord and The Hybrid

Because my one heart only beats for one..

Ten/Ten II
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A Ten/Ten II Community!
Ten/Ten II
Welcome to vain_doctors! A community dedicated to the slashy relationship between The Doctor and the Half Human Doctor! I'm sure a very large handful of us squeed when we saw a second Doctor appear during Journey's End, and I'm pretty sure a lot of us also got some pretty interesting ideas forming. So thus, I decided to open a community just for this pairing, because I'm sure we'd all love to play around with two Doctors, and since I haven't seen any other communities centered around these two. ♥

You may post fanfics, fanart, videos, graphics, icons, etc. Advertisements are limited to only Doctor related communities, all other ads will be deleted. Have fun! ^^

no flaming the pairing!
please keep on topic!
use lj-cuts for icons, graphics and long posts
for fics, please make sure to include; rating, pairing, genre and a summary
don't forget to tag your entries!
other pairings are allowed, but they must be slash, and they must have either the Doctor or Ten II involved. No het. e.g; Doctor/Jack Harkness, Ten II/Jack Harkness

QUESTIONS? comment here
AFFILIATE? comment here

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